Asara White Cab (6/case) (R109/BOTTLE)

Asara White Cab (6/case) (R109/BOTTLE)

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Speciality Range

Asara’s Speciality range is an eclectic collection of wines that represent a twist on regional specialities. Niche and unique, the range reflects the quality of an estate whose vinous history dates back to 1691.


Cabernet Sauvignon (100%)


Blanc de Noir


It’s a little known fact that one of the world’s best-loved red wine varieties; the masculine, muscular Bordeaux cultivar Cabernet Sauvignon has its roots in a white wine of similar celebrity. DNA profiling at Davis University in 1997 demonstrated conclusively that Cabernet Sauvignon was a cross between Cabernet Franc and none other than  Bordeaux’s Sauvignon  Blanc. That the variety could be vinified as a white wine seemed obvious to Asara’s winemaking team. Setting aside a vineyard of optimal quality, with conditions known to enable extended ripening, the team created the first white Cabernet Sauvignon that South Africa had seen. The interest was immediate, the profile was unique, and Asara earned its place in winemaking history.


Single vineyard planting at an altitude of 100m. East- facing rows restrict sun exposure on the bunch zone. The canopy is managed to further occlude the sun, and the soil type, Tukulu, was selected specifically for its water retention capacity. Up until final ripening, vineyard micromanagement aims to slow the fruit development phase. Five days prior to harvest the canopy is broken to increase sunlight exposure on the grapes. The vineyard yields an average of 8 tons per hectare of healthy, vibrant grapes.


The grapes are harvested in the cool of morning at 23° Balling, showing minimal colour development and optimal skin integrity. From point of picking, the cold chain is maintained. Whole bunches are packed by hand in layers into a press to avoid bruising, and a gentle pressing extracts approximately half of  the  juice  in the grapes. Only 500l of juice is claimed for use in the Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc. Fermentation ensues in tank, and after settling the wine remains on the less for four months. Matured in tank for optimal preservation of fruit flavour integrity.

Tasting notes:

White peach whiffs are immediately apparent, with tropical fruit and notes of expended yeast. A fruit-sweet entry of dessert peach, with mouth-watering braeburn apples and pear. Zesty to the finish.

Analysis :

Alcohol 12.5%

Residual sugar (RS) 6.8 g/l

pH 3.39

Total Acidity (TA) 6.2 g/l