Eikendal Charisma 2018 (6/case) (R115/BOTTLE)

Eikendal Charisma 2018 (6/case) (R115/BOTTLE)

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Shiraz – Petit Verdot – Sangiovese 2017
The Charisma 2017 is an ingenious creation at the hand of Cellar Master, Nico Grobler, inspired by his travel experiences across the globe. The Shiraz (Rhône Valley) lends a tight, fresh structure with aromatic and seasoned undertones. Petit Verdot (Bordeaux) contributes a rich berry character and the Sangiovese, in true Italian style, adds fruity flavours with flair on the palate. The result is a bold, charming, seductive and ultimately elegant wine. 
Cultivar: 79% Shiraz, 16% Petit Verdot, 5% Sangiovese

Shiraz (Eikendal): 20 year old block planted at the top of the farm overlooking False Bay, planted in a north/south row direction, 3 333 Vines/ha, under irrigation.
Petit Verdot (Eikendal): 12 year old block planted next to the Shiraz. Planted in a north/south row direction, 3 333 Vines/ha, under irrigation.
Sangiovese: 19 year old block from a producer in Stellenbosch. Planted in a north/south row direction, 3 333 Vines/ha.
Sugar loading and sequential harvesting is used to determine picking phases. 

Shiraz – Mature fruit picking. 

Petit Verdot – 50% Fresh Fruit Picking; 50% Mature Fruit Picking. 

Sangiovese – 100% Fresh Fruit Picking. 

Pre-dawn water leaf potential used an irrigation indicator.

All three cultivars are handpicked and cooled down. Only destemmed and not crushed. 1015 day cold soaking before spontaneous fermentation. Shiraz: one pump over per day. Petit Verdot: two punch downs per day and Sangiovese: one walk through per day. After fermentation the wine is allowed to settle clean. Shiraz and Petit Verdot go into 500ℓ old Burgundian barrels and the Sangiovese will be blended into the previous vintage Charisma – meaning, for example, in Charisma 2017 the Shiraz and Petit Verdot are 2017 vintages but the Sangiovese is the 2018 vintage. The idea with this is to blend that beautiful freshness and Italian passion into the wine. Shiraz and Petit Verdot are aged for 12 months before blending and bottling.
Awards: New release
Wine: Sugar: 3.2 g/ℓ; Total acid: 6.1 g/ℓ; pH: 3.55; Alcohol: 14.5% vol. Maturation: Up to 6 years if cellared correctly Serving suggestion: 18ºC-20ºC. Pair with Mushroom & Chorizo Risotto, Veal, Chocolate Truffles
Cellar Master: Nico Grobler
“When you blend life experiences and creativity together, you create Charisma.”